Programming is only a small part of creating PLC/PMSX software.

Communicating with customers, operators, technicians or mechanical engineers as well as documenting the results allow for a transparent overview of the all the system's specifications and functions, including all locks and requirements.

Services offered:

  • Conceptualization and selection of automation components
  • Delivery of automation components
  • Creation of functional specification documents
  • Employee assignment permit (ANÜ)
  • Completely documented creation of programs (PLC/PMSX and visualization systems)
  • Documentation including user manuals
  • System implementation
  • Functional testing of switchboard with operation control module
  • Loop check
  • Implementation
  • Technical inspection certification (TÜV)
  • Operating staff training
  • Maintenance, on-call service

Siemens S5 and S7, PCS7, WinnCC (flexible), ProTool, TIA-Portal, Rockwell RSLogix, Intellution Fix32, Wonderware Intouch, Emerson DeltaV, Allen-Bradley PLC5, CoDeSys


Ferdinand-Aufschläger-Straße 11
D-84359 Simbach a. Inn

+49 (0) 8571 / 926 92 10
+49 (0) 8571 / 926 92 29


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