On-site, individual, project-specific production of switchboards, distributors and control boxes.

Testing and documentation in accordance with DIN VDE0113 / EN60204-1 / EN61439-1 / UL508A

  • Air-conditioning calculations
  • Proof of selectivity
  • Proof of appropriate dimensions for required energy
  • ECM-suitable superstructures

We place an extremely high value on a 100% match between the circuit diagrams and the final switchboard.

All switchboards are checked using tested SPS software.

For larger projects, our switchboard substations are produced by specialized switchboard-assembly partner companies.

We outsource electrical installation projects on partner companies with comprehensive knowledge in the field of industrial assembly.

Creation of assembly specifications, as well as assembly oversight, measurement checks and certification of correct assembly.

Assembly oversight and monitoring by SCC-certified staff (in accordance with document 017).

Thanks to our cooperation agreements with multiple electrical-assembly companies, we can offer our customers almost everything they need to complete large projects.

The internally defined interface and transfer documents guarantee the very highest quality execution and punctuality.


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D-84359 Simbach a. Inn

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